Character Maple Table
42" x 96"

Two book-matched boards with their natural edges create the long sides of this table top. A third board has been glued between, using the interior natural edges of the two outer boards. The creation of this unusual glue-line is a technique I've developed and refined to capture the natural shape of the wood. The natural round-wood legs are separated by a highly figured panel. The customer and I worked closely together in choosing the planks and round wood for this project. The bench is a third book-matched board of the same tree as those used in the table top.
  Ash Table
33" x  60"

This table top is made from one 10 ft. ash plank that was cut in half and the two pieces glued together side-by-side.  This highlights the darker heartwood in contrast to the lighter sapwood.  The maple branch legs were a rare find in our woodland; the bark was peeled to expose the smooth beauty of the wood beneath.
  Ash Bench
18"w x 72"l x 18"h

This simple bench was made from one wide ash plank, leaving its natural round edge to enhance it.
  Blister Maple Coffee Table top
28" x 44"

This board is a piece of extremely rare, highly figured blister maple - the first of it's kind I've seen in over 30 years in the business. This board came from a tree that graced the front yard of a local farm for over 200 years. The tree was taken down because it was dying, and part of the purchase price of the log was to make a table from it for the farm family.

The glass top provides a smooth surface over the beautiful natural hollows of the board. This table awaits completion.
  Large Single-board Maple Table top
48" x 72"

This extremely large board comes from a tree well over 100 years old.  The four natural round-wood legs for this table top are not completed as yet.  When finished it will accommodate 6 people comfortably.  The exquisite grain that characterizes this board comes from the branches and supporting wood that grew out from the center of the tree.
  Living Room Bar

This is a living room bar that features character maple appliqué on painted black ash cabinets.  The cabinets hide the furnace and pipes for the radiant heat system and for the built-in goldfish pool.  Polished granite countertops grace these cabinets.
  Large Cherry Kitchen
with Black Corian Countertops

This large cherry kitchen has black Corian countertops with a maple cutting board set into it.  A pantry cabinet (not in photo) provides plenty of storage space.
  Vermont Country Home Kitchen

This kitchen is made of Ambrosia maple.  The unusual markings of this wood are caused by the Ambrosia beetle that inhabited the tree with the result of delicate streaks similar to, but smaller than, maple sugar tap scars.  This customer had specifically wanted wood from a tree that had suffered and was more interesting and more beautiful because of it.

We matched the color of the Corian counter to that of the old soapstone sink.  The Corian countertop includes a sloped drain-board.  The old pitcher-pump with new paint makes for a fun contrast to the Corian.
  Vermont Country Home Kitchen cont'd.

This under-the-stairs built-in cabinet wastes no space.  It includes a broom closet, a triangle door and 11 drawers.  This unit brings the number of drawers in the kitchen up to 34, whereas the original kitchen had just 2 drawers.  This customer is thrilled to no longer need to fish behind things in the dark recesses of shelves while on her knees.
  Contemporary Ash Kitchen

This is an ash kitchen made of 15 sheets of sequence-matched ash plywood.  It was a very small kitchen before the renovation.  The architect used all the bells and whistles to make the space feel bigger.  Note the mirror back-splash.
  Cherry Display Coffee Table

This piece was inspired when a couple brought in a 30" circular family collage that their son had made and which they wanted to preserve and display.  I suggested a glass-topped coffee table made out of cherry.
  Large Cherry Kitchen
with White Corian Countertops

This is a cherry kitchen with white speckled Corian countertops.  The half-round table mounted to the island turns out to be where the family chooses to spend much of their time.
  Character Maple Kitchen

All the door and drawer fronts of this character maple kitchen are made from one log.  The top 6" drawer fronts and the middle 10" drawer fronts are all one board.  The bottom 14" drawer fronts are the book match.  The face and end of the peninsula are a figure maple appliqué.  The upper door panels are a book match also.  A "black quartz" Corian countertop compliments the wood and the stone tile wall splash.

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